Friday, February 29, 2008

So, this Holy Shock thing...

Here's what I said before on it. Since then, I've been using it so much more!

One nifty little trick...well, it's not really a trick, and debatably nifty, but to use it right after a Flash of Light when doing spot healing. Sort of like how a Shadow Priest might queue up a Shadow Word: Death right after a Mind Blast, or a Fire Mage might use Fire Blast right after Fireball, it helps you do some burst healing, while giving you more freedom to move since the Shock is an instant spell.

Speaking of moving, it is of course our one instant-cast healing spell (aside from Lay on Hands...). With the buffs it's getting in 2.4, it will be even better at this. Any time you need to heal while moving you'll have a nice and powerful spell at your disposal. Remember the range limitation though, you have to be 10 yards closer to use HS than FoL and HL.

Speaking of burst, you can use it similarly to damage opponents. Start casting Hammer of Wrath, and once that finishes hit HS. Bam, burst 2k damage (more if you can manage crits out of them).

It's still not a very mana efficient spell, but then most instant-cast spells aren't. I think it's also further weighted down by its utility as a damage spell and healing spell. The long cooldown makes timing on it difficult as well, it may not always be there when you might need it.

But for an ability with such limitations, it's not as bad as I once thought it to be :)

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gt said...

Hrm. I never thought about FoL+HS as a good "Oh Crap" burst heal. Must try it! :D